How it works

How It Works

Regime Center’s Healthy Meal program features delivery of freshly prepared meals, cooked to your preferences and portioned for your personal weight loss variables. It is not only healthy and delicious but incredibly convenient! Because we help you follow a restricted diet, and we do all the work for you making “eating healthy” easy… You just have to heat, eat, and enjoy! as the weight comes off quickly, safely and naturally…. It's that simple.

you can join Regime’s HMP In-center or Online.

By Joining the HMP read more In-center you will benefit from:
Initial consultation with your dietician to get you started
Body composition analysis tests
Weekly follow up visits to monitor your progress

As a Regime Center customer you will be able to access, customize, and manage your account anywhere and anytime . read more

  • Step 1. Initial consultation

    Once you decide to join Regime Center, come in for an initial consultation with one of our dieticians, together you will discuss your health history, weight loss goal, eating habits and any issues or concerns regarding your program.

  • Step 2. Body Composition Analysis Test

    At Regime Center we focus on the bio-electrical composition analysis test (BCA) for calculating the percentages of fat, water, and muscle weights in your body and for determining your fitness level.

  • Step 3. Choose Your Meals

    Once you and your dietician select the plan that best fits your needs, you're ready to begin customizing your menu by choosing from a large variety of great-tasting, freshly prepared meals.

    You'll choose breakfast, lunch, dinner, salads, soups, dessert, and a beverage. The meals you select are then prepared with only the highest-quality ingredients, carefully portioned, elegantly packed, and delivered directly to you.

    See Our Sample Menu

  • Step 4. Follow-up visits

    Come in for your weekly follow-up visits with your dietician to:
    • Monitor and chart your progress.
    • Reassess your body analysis.
    • Provide you with helpful information.
    • Make any necessary changes to your diet plan.
    • Address any challenges or concerns you may have.
    • Help with menu planning.
    • Offer diet tips and techniques.

Free diet analysis

Diet Tips

  • Drink enough water and start your day with a cup. Our bodies consist mostly of water and requires between 1 and 2 liters of water each day so make sure to drink 8 to 10 cups of water daily.
  • Be physically active and incorporate exercise into your daily routines.
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