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At Regime we are committed to providing gourmet meals to our customers made with fresh top quality ingredients no matter what their dietary restrictions.

We realize that everyone has a unique taste, health concerns, and nutritional needs, therefore your meals will be cooked by our experienced chefs just for you according to your individual preferences and specific dietary needs.

Whether you require low calorie, low carbohydrate, low sodium, diabetic, or any healthy meal, we will make your meals delicious with a superb taste that will exceed your expectations. From worldly cuisines to home-style favorites, our menus provide endless options to keep your taste buds satisfied. The meals are elegantly presented and properly packaged, all you have to do is heat, eat and enjoy as the weight comes off quickly, safely and naturally.

One thing you'll never say with Regime’s Healthy Meal Program is "I'm bored!" You do not need to sacrifice taste nor variety to achieve your weight loss goal. The customers are given the liberty to choose their own customized menu, which will help them get motivated and prevent them from entering a "food routine" stage.

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