What You Get

Don't Wait Another Day to Start Losing Weight!

No cooking - no counting - no portioning…. just heat, eat, enjoy and start losing weight!

WHAT YOU GET WHEN YOU JOIN Regime Center Healthy Meal Program
  • Initial consultation with your dietician with one of our dieticians, together you will discuss your weight, health history, weight loss goal, eating habits and any issues or concerns regarding your program. (for In-Center members only)
  • Body Composition Analysis test for calculating the percentages of fat, water, and muscle weights in your body and for determining your fitness level. (for In-Center members only)
  • Weekly follow up visits to monitor and chart your progress, reassess your body analysis, make any necessary changes to your diet plan, and address any difficulties or concerns you may have. (for In-Center members only)
  • 3 fresh gourmet meals hand delivered each day: Breakfast - Lunch & Dinner (main course, salad, soup) - Dessert - Fruit.
  • A generous variety of meals selections each week.
  • Online tracking tools and guides.
  • Delivery schedule to fit with your busy lifestyle.
  • Program flexibility with unlimited freezing and unfreezing and rollover days that never expire.
  • Start up guides with tips and advices to maximize your success.

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